Epoxy Chip Floor – Addison, TX

A large apartment complex came to us with a big problem with their current epoxy floor.

Epoxy Garage Flooring System
Epoxy Chip Garage Flooring System

The cheap retail store epoxy they had put down was easily coming off and this DIY job looked terrible with a very uneven chip broadcast. ESR Decorative Concrete to the rescue once again! We came in and completely removed the epoxy flooring. We then patched some holes in the concrete and treated a few surface cracks. The customer chose the “Dolphin” color epoxy flooring system. We then applied a two part epoxy primer / vapor barrier system for added protection from vapor transmission. We then applied out 100% solids industrial epoxy while broadcasting chips into the epoxy. This was then followed by a clear polyurethane topcoat for added protection.

The end result is a happy customer with a beautiful epoxy floor that will last for years! Do not be fooled by cheap “easy to use” retail epoxy flooring systems, they do NOT last and will create a large mess on your floor! Cheap epoxy flooring systems will end up costing you more money and a headache that you do not want to deal with. Call the professionals and get it done right the first time! We provide quality work at an affordable price! Call 972-296-2173 to find out what flooring system is right for you!