Concrete Resurfacing

Micro Finish Acid Stain Project – Custom Engraving – Dallas, TX

Micro Finish Acid Stain project located in Dallas, TX with custom tile engraving designs. Micro Finish Acid Stained Concrete We specialize in creating custom decorative concrete projects. Our concrete artisans have over 20 years experience installing decorative concrete flooring. With this project we needed to resurface the existing concrete with our micro finish overlay system. A micro finish is a polymer based cement overlay. This is applied by hand to create a new canvas for our artisans to work with. The floor was then engraved with three different engraving designs. The living room received a double cut tile design with a decorative border. The kitchen connected to the living room received a normal tile engraving design. The garage also was engraved with a tile design. The floor was then stained and sealed with a solvent based acrylic sealer followed by a protective coating of wax. Call ESR Decorative

Concrete Resurfacing and Acid Staining Dallas, TX

This concrete patio was stained by other trades during renovation projects. We came in with a solution to their problem by overlaying the existing patio with a polymer modified layer of concrete. We then engraved custom score lines on the patio to add to the decorative concrete appeal of the back yard. The concrete was then stained with the acid stain color walnut and english red. The unique concrete stepping stone areas really give this backyard a unique look! Another beautiful acid stain project by ESR Decorative Concrete Experts! Acid Stained Concrete Project in Dallas, TX

Resurfaced and Acid Stained Concrete – South Lake, TX

Decorative skim coat acid stained concrete overlay by the decorative concrete experts. This customer had new concrete poured to extend the existing patio. The original concrete contractor was hired to pour the concrete Acid Stained Concrete Patio South Lake, TX with a broom finish then acid stain. The broom finish came out very uneven and the edge work of the concrete was not consistent. ESR Decorative Concrete experts came in and resurfaced both concrete pads to match, cut a decorative border then acid stained the concrete with the color Cola. The concrete was then sealed with a solvent based acrylic sealer.

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