Epoxy Flooring System

Durable, functional, easy maintenance, long lasting, decorative finish epoxy flooring systems. Don’t be fooled by the “easy installation” epoxy “paint” flooring systems from large retail stores. Those retail store flooring systems DO NOT LAST, if its sold as easy to install it will not last! We use only high quality epoxy that can only be installed properly by professional crews. Our epoxy flooring systems create a beautiful flooring system that is chemical and impact resistant. These flooring systems are perfect for garage floors, air plane hangers, show room floors, retail spaces, food preparation areas, shop areas, and more! This flooring system can be top coated with a polyurethane or polyaspartic coating for added protection! Call and speak with our decorative concrete floor experts today! 972-296-2173

Epoxy Flooring Color Chart

Epoxy Flooring Color Chart

Designer Epoxy Flooring Systems

The latest rage in decorative concrete flooring systems! These Metallic Epoxy or Reflector Epoxy flooring systems create a truly unique look and design! These floors offer beautiful transitions of color that will flow throughout your decorative epoxy floor! These floors are created with the same 100% solid industrial epoxies used in our other flooring systems but spiced up with our metallic flake additives to give your floors a truly unique look! These floors can be designed to even resemble marble floors! These floors are perfect for show room floors, a truly contemporary style, dance floors, garage floors, and more!

Designer Epoxy Floor - Metallic Reflector Epoxy Floor

Designer Epoxy Floor Color Chart


Epoxy Chip Flooring

Epoxy Chip Flooring systems are very popular for their durability, easy maintenance, and decorative finish. The multiple colors in these floors help keep a clean look on your surface hiding and dirt or debris. This terrazzo like flooring system provides our customers with an extremely durable surface that will look great for many years! These flooring systems are very popular for commercial and retail flooring areas. They can be found in many food preparation, toilet rooms, food service areas, clinical areas, pet care, garage floors, shop, and service areas.

Epoxy Color Chip Flooring System

Epoxy Chip Color Chart

Epoxy Quartz Flooring

Epoxy Quartz is a decorative seamless flooring system consisting of 100% solids epoxy. These flooring systems create a great decorative finish and add excellent slip and impact resistant characteristics.  Due to the heavy layer of quartz and 100% solids epoxies, impact resistance is greater compared to the other systems. These flooring systems are ideal for garage floor coatings, commercial and industrial areas, food preparation areas, shop areas, medical, and many other applications!

Epoxy Flooring System Color Quartz

Epoxy Quartz Color Chart