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    • Stamped Overlays

      • Stamped Concrete

        Stamped Concrete

        Stamped concrete can be used to create many elegant shapes and designs resembling flagstone, slate, wood and much more! Stamped concrete is great for resurfacing your existing concrete or new construction project. This decorative concrete is great for pool decks, patios, driveways, garages, entry ways, walkways, interior and exterior surfaces. Call and find out about our vertical stamping options to create the exact look your wanting inside or outside!

    • Micro Finish

      • Decorative Concrete Dallas, TX

        Micro Finish

        Micro finish flooring systems provide a beautiful seamless floor that allows our company to create beautiful variation of color that can resemble marble. Many designs such as tile, geometric shapes, logos, Celtic patterns and much more can be created with this flooring system. This decorative concrete is great for indoor and outdoor applications. Micro finish floors are great to use with damaged, patched, or “ghosting” concrete.

    • Spray Texture

      • Pool Deck Resurface

        Spray Texture

        Spray texture is great to resurface around your pool decks, patios, entry ways, and more! This textured surface is more slip resistant than regular concrete and does not absorb as much heat as regular concrete keeping your feet cooler in the summer time. This decorative concrete can be designed to fit right in with the look and feel of your decor around it.

    • Acid Stained Concrete Floors

      • Antique Brown Acid Stain

        Acid stained concrete

        Acid stained concrete floors are great for new and old concrete floors. Acid staining creates beautiful flows of earth tone colors that can transform the look of your concrete floor into a work of art. Many patterns and designs can be etched into concrete floors and acid stained to create a really unique look.

    • Pool Deck Resurfacing

      • Pool Deck Resurfacing

        Pool Deck Resurface

        Resurfacing your old or new pool deck is a great way to transform the look of your pool area. Decorative concrete on your pool deck not only adds a great look, but slip resistant sealers can be used for added protection. Our professionals can help design a great look around your pool deck to accent the decor of your home or business.

New, old, or damages concrete we have a decorative concrete solution for you! Our professionals offer quality services for the North Texas areas. Contact our concrete artists today to find out how we can transform your concrete into a work of art!